Thursday, June 20, 2024

Plans to revamp road near community hospital in Grays

PLANS to revamp the road layout at a Thurrock diagnostics centre have been approved.

Thurrock Council has given the go ahead to improve roads around the Essex Partnership University NHS Trust’s (EPUT) Thurrock Community Hospital in Long Lane, Stifford Clays, Grays.

The work will include 16 new parking spaces and a new ambulance bay. Some road corners will also be widened to enable traffic to move around more smoothly.

The diagnostics centre was approved in June last year and work began in March. EPUT, the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust and the North East London Foundation Trust run a variety of other services at the site.

An report to Thurrock Council, said: “The proposal will bring an Improved experience to site visitors who arrive by vehicular transport, and will compliment the new Thurrock Community Diagnostics Centre, which will provide better patient care pathways within the local health network, and deliver more accessible diagnostics care within the local community.”

It added: “This will include widening a number of corners to enable ease in manoeuvrability for vehicles, an additional sixteen car park spaces to mitigate unauthorised parking within the site, and the creation of one extra ambulance bay to enable easier drop-off and pick-up by the hospital’s Mayfield Unit building.

“These proposals will remedy the site’s current issues identified, enabling minimal disruption during construction of the Thurrock Community Diagnostics Centre, and provide an ease of experience for visitors to the site.”

The centre will offer a range of services including X-ray, ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs, heart and lung checks, blood tests.

The site includes low level buildings as well as Thameside House, Draycott House, and an administration block.

The scheme will see more car parking and an additional ambulance bay to the Mayfield Unit,  formalising parking where vehicles have been observed parking unauthorised and enabling  easier navigation for vehicles driving through this area.

With the one-way road to through the site now redundant due to the diagnostics building, its conversion into a two-way road will allow for access in and out of the car park adjacent to the centre.


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