Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Council confirms location of new electric charging stations in parking areas across the borough

THURROCK Council has confirmed its plans to create nine arrays of electric charging parking bays across the borough.

Work has already started on a number of sites including South Ockendon, Aveley and Corringham – though residents and shop owners in those areas have said they were not consulted or notified. 

However, the council says it gave the requisite notice of all sites through public notices.

Despite considerable concern and commentary on social media, the council says it is acting in the best interests of the local communities and the environment.

A statement says: “EV charging points are being installed across the country as an important part of efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, slow down the damaging effects of climate change and respond to public demand.

“Thurrock is playing its part and will of course monitor usage to ensure we are providing residents with what they want and need.

“The scheme is cost-neutral, with income covering all costs associated with running and maintaining the charging points and so won’t cost the taxpayer anything.

“EV charging bays will be installed in the following locations across the borough:

  • Princess Margaret Road Car Park, East Tilbury – 10 EV only bays
  • Station Approach, Grays – 2 EV only bays
  • Thames Road Car Park, Grays – 10 EV only bays
  • Derby Road Bridge, Grays – 8 EV only bays
  • Orsett Road, Grays – 6 EV only bays
  • Derwent Parade Car Park, South Ockendon – 12 bay, 6 EV only, 6 dual usage EV and Limited Waiting (as exiting bays)
  • Calcutta Road, Tilbury – 4 bays, all dual usage EV and Limited waiting (as existing bays)
  • Gordon Road, Corringham – 10 EV only bays
  • New Maltings, Aveley – 8 bays, 2 dual usage EV and Disabled, 6 dual EV and Limited Waiting (as new restriction in remaining bays).”

The council says that sufficient consultation took place within the borough, adding: “When the charging points were proposed a 21 day statutory consultation took place, which consisted of the placement of public notices on street and published in the local press and on its website.

“The notice was also sent to ward members and statutory consultees.”

The public notices can be found on the council’s website via these links.

https://www.thurrock.gov.uk/public-notices/electric-vehicle-parking-places and https://www.thurrock.gov.uk/public-notices/electric-vehicle-parking-places-amendment-to-off-street-parking-places


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