Thursday, July 18, 2024

Euro 24: Roads Policing remind drivers to have a plan to get home safely

FINALLY, it’s here! The Euros start today and we’re asking you not to drink and drive, otherwise you could find yourself not coming home!

Throughout the competition, our Roads Policing officers will be enhancing patrols targeting drink drivers in Essex to ensure that everyone gets home safe.

They’re asking you to get ahead of the game now, and plan how you’re getting home after each match by booking a taxi, designate a driver, check bus or train timetables or stop over at a friend’s house. But whatever you plan, just don’t plan to drink and drive.

By planning ahead and making responsible choices, you can enjoy your night out without putting yourself and others at risk.

If you’re heading down the pub to watch the Euros, be the friend who looks out for others. If someone’s had too much to drink, stop them from getting behind the wheel.

Not just during the Euros, but throughout the year, road safety is an Essex Police priority: we’re committed to keeping our roads safe for everyone, preventing harm and saving lives.

Last year, we arrested 2,615 drivers: that’s 1,284 drink drivers, 971 drug drivers and a further 360 drivers for failing to provide. Don’t be one of this year’s statistics.

During the Euros, if you’re stopped and fail a breathalyser test for alcohol or a DrugWipe test for illegal substances, you will face severe consequences.

Alcohol significantly reduces reaction time, making it harder to react quickly to unexpected situations on the road.

Concentration and vision are also impaired, making it difficult to see clearly and focus on the task of driving. This combination of factors drastically increases the risk of serious and fatal collisions.

A drink or drug driving conviction can come with a hefty fine, a driving ban that could last for months, and a criminal record. These penalties can have a significant impact on your finances, employment opportunities, and future travel plans.

Remember, a few minutes of planning can save lives and prevent a lifetime of regret.


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