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Former Essex Police officer found to have committed gross misconduct

A FORMER Essex Police officer would have been dismissed from the force, had he not resigned after a panel found him to have committed gross misconduct.

Former PC Alexander Fennell was alleged to have breached police standards in relation to Equality and Diversity, Authority Respect and Courtesy and Discreditable Conduct.

Former PC Fennell was alleged to have shown private images of a woman to colleagues without her consent on multiple occasions. This took place whilst he was both on and off duty.

The incidents were reported, and a thorough investigation was launched by Essex Police.

Former PC Fennell was suspended from duty whilst an investigation by Essex Police’s Professional Standards Department continued.

A misconduct panel took place on Monday, 10 June and concluded on Tuesday, 11 June.

The panel, chaired by Legally Qualified Chair, David Thyme found the allegations against former PC Fennell to be proven.

It was determined that he would have been dismissed without notice had he not already resigned.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Prophet said “We encourage our officers and staff to call out inappropriate and misogynist behaviour.

“Former PC Fennell’s behaviour is something that we cannot tolerate and our Professional Standards Department have worked to thoroughly investigate the allegations and prove the gross misconduct.

“We will always pursue each and every report made to us and are continuing to investigate all reports where our officers have allegedly fallen below the standards we expect. The overwhelming majority of officers and staff in our force respect those values and, crucially as this case shows, they are confident to call out behaviour which is not acceptable.”


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