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Essex Police: 80,000 emergencies and 17,000 arrests, a year in response policing

ACROSS Essex, almost every investigation begins life as a 999 call and in the last year, we’ve responded to almost 80,000 emergencies claim Essex Police

A spokesperson said: “In that time, our response officers have made more than 17,000 arrests.

The fantastic work that response officers do every single day is being celebrated during a national week of action.

Our response officers, who work in our Local Policing Teams (LPT), are the first on the scene when the public need us most.”.

“These officers never know where they will be going or what they will be facing when they arrive for their shift. But whatever they are faced with, they put victims first, and keep them safe by catching criminals.

Assistant Chief Constable lead for local policing Andy Mariner said: “In the last 12 months our response officers have made more than 17,000 arrests across the county.

“One minute they could be arresting a burglar, the next, reassuring a vulnerable person or helping to locate a missing person. It is this variety which means they require a broad knowledge of policing and strong communication skills.

“These officers have a demanding and, at times, unpredictable role. As well as responding to emergency calls, they also conduct investigations and high visibility patrols.

“When they arrive for their shift, they never know where they will be going or what they will be facing and sometimes that will be hostility and aggression.

“But whatever they are faced with, their number one priority is to help the public, put victims first, and ultimately catch and arrest people who are doing bad things.

“When the public hears about heroic officers helping to save lives after violent incidents or helping someone who might be extremely vulnerable, it’s very likely those officers will be from our response units.”

ACC Mariner added: “We also need to make sure we’re looking after our officers when they’ve been to a particularly traumatic incident – and we do that really well with wraparound care such as a scheme we call trauma risk management (Trim).

“Looking after our officers mentally as well as physically is incredibly important and we’re really alive to that here at Essex Police.”

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