Friday, July 19, 2024

Emergency kit issued to police officers in Essex

FRONTLINE Essex Police officers have been equipped with specialist bleed prevention kits that will help them give injured people better emergency care.

Our officers are frequently first on the scene of accidents or incidents where a person may have suffered a laceration or wound that needs urgent medical attention.

The bleed kits – containing a trauma dressing, a chest seal, a pack bandage, a tourniquet, gloves, scissors, a foil blanket, and a mouthguard for giving CPR – give officers the tools they need to treat injuries and prevent people from entering hypovolemic shock or even dying from blood loss.

So far, there have been 278 kits issued to teams across the force, supplementing their existing first aid packs.

PC Ryan Scott of Clacton Local Policing Team helped save the life of a man using a tourniquet from a bleed kit. He said the kits will be invaluable to officers like him who are responding to 999 calls and may be faced with a situation where a life is in danger:

“Having a bleed kit is crucial because when you’re first on scene every second counts and an ambulance may be minutes away. We can do that initial life-saving work before the paramedics take over.

“I was called to an incident with two colleagues where a man had been injured. We rolled him over and his arm was covered in blood. He had two wounds that were both arterial bleeds – they were pouring blood.


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