Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Council Statement

bnp2Following the use of the Thameside Theatre to launch the BNP European Election Campaign Thurrock Council has issued the following statement.

The Thameside Theatre is owned and run by Thurrock Council.

Election candidates and valid political parties have rights to use public rooms for the purpose of holding election meetings (Representation of the People Act 1983).

Every council is required by law to have available lists of rooms which candidates are entitled to use

Thurrock Council will not and cannot refuse political parties use of the Thameside.

Yourthurrock will be speaking to council members tonight to ask their opinion

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  1. Well done Tories! what a sensitive and insightful press comment. Who runs your press office? sack him/her!

    There are already concerns about the Tory administration getting into bed with the BNP and this has certainly not helped.

    People upset by the Council hiring out the Thameside Theatre to these thugs were not necessarily expecting you to self-flagellate- after all they probably hired the Theatre without you knowing who had hired it, (despite you pretending to the contrary). However some acknowledgement of local people’s concerns would not have gone amiss. Isn’t the Council meant to be promoting social cohesion and equality after all? or have I got this very wrong?

    How about a statement advising that bookings are done independently of the Council, and that in allowing its theatre to be used does not denote in any way the Council’s support of any political party or views. If you are going to go over the top with your “cannots and willnots” then at least use it to distance yourself from the Party.


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