Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hammers Call For Enquiry

Lakeside Speedway Promoters Stuart Douglas and Jon Cook have called for a complete overhaul in the way Speedway is run plus an independent inquiry into the controversy surrounding allegations of race fixing during Poole’s visit to Swindon earlier this month.

The pair have issued a joint statement in an attempt to save the Sport from all the infighting that is in danger of undoing much of the stability winter changes have brought to the Elite League.

“Over the last three years we have put considerable efforts into re establishing our Speedway for the enjoyment of our fans and to become a solid member of both the Elite League and the British Speedway Promoters Association (BSPA). 

“It has become obvious during that time that the continued move towards total self governance by the BSPA through the continued weakening of the Speedway Control Bureau (SCB) is not in the best interests of the Sport and presents an opportunity for individual promoters to stretch the rule book to the extreme to gain advantage.

“The time has come to return back to the old values of being overseen by an independent body and for rule making to be taken out of the hands of the promoters, who will naturally vote for what they want, as opposed to what is often best for the Sport.

“We share the concerns of many supporters with what is alleged to have gone on at Swindon when Poole visited and a public wall of silence from the SCB and BSPA does nothing but fan the flames. For that reason we have contacted the SCB and requested an independent inquiry in to the match, so the matter can be put to rest, such is the unprecedented furore surrounding it.  

“Whether Poole are exonerated of blame, averages on both sides are disallowed or other action taken, an inquiry has to address this matter with urgency. 

“We make public our actions with a heavy heart but to stay silent would suggest we do not care about the situation and the fans of Speedway. Both our own supporters, and those in opposition, deserve clarity as without them we have no Sport and Speedway cannot retain its integrity until the stigma of allegations of race fixing are addressed.”

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