Thursday, September 21, 2023

Light Aircraft Crash at Bulphan

Crews were alerted by Police after a light aircraft was reportedly seen with only one wheel down and smoke coming from its tail in the Orsett/Bulphan/A128 area.
The plane was believed to be heading for the Kings Farm air strip in Bulphan, so crews proceeded to the Airfield to investigate.
They eventually found the plane crash landed in a field in Doesgate Lane, Bulphan. No action was required from ECFRS crews, who left the scene at around 12:45 hrs.
“We were given a series of addresses for the incident and eventually found the plane in a field off Doesgate Lane,” said a fire service spokesman. “The pilot had already got out of the aircraft and had left the scene, so no action was required.”
We have no further information relating to the plane or its pilot.


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