Sunday, September 24, 2023

£330k Pay-Off for Ousted Chief Angie?

We know you’ve been worried if ex-Chief Executive Angie Ridgwell is ok since her abrupt departure late last year.

Has she been on the breadline or telling tales of woe with Tattoo John in Grays Park over a can of Stella.

She did seem to lose quite a lot of weight in her last months as the strain of her relationship with Council Boss Terry Hipsey and the realisation that the Council was heading for the relegation zone when the next Audit Commission report came out.

You will be pleased that the weight is back. All £330,000. That’s the amount in pay and severance she received in 2008-09 after just twenty months in the job.

Ms Ridgwell, according to the Sunday Times has now invested in her own
consultancy company working with Northamptonshire, Aylesbury Vale and Wellingborough councils.

On her website, she writes: “My goal is to make a positive
difference to people’s lives, through high quality and efficient local government, designed around the needs of customers.”

We are sure you will agree that she has made a lasting impact on the Thurrock taxpayer.

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