Saturday, September 30, 2023

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A Birthday Brainwave!

By Lucy Chipperfield
Recently I celebrated my 22nd birthday. “Hip hip hooray” I hear you say!

For the whole day I was surrounded by sparkly cakes, balloons, glitter, chocolates and other birthday related goodies. You might say I was in Lucy’s Paradise.

However, amongst my whirlwind of birthday fun, I couldn’t help but avoid the downbeat discussions about “getting older”. It was staggering how many people shivered with fear at the prospect of another birthday.

Having always been a believer that birthday’s are brilliant, you can perhaps understand my astonishment when they told me this. Essentially, birthday’s are a day which encourage cake eating, present opening and friends and family gatherings. What’s not to like!?

I began to wonder, at what point does a birthday suddenly transforms from a celebration to a chore. According to my Birthday Buddies it is when there are too many candles to fit onto a birthday cake. I have five words to say to that; BUY A BIGGER BIRTHDAY CAKE! Problem solved.

And that bit isn’t even my birthday brainwave. This is…

The next time you are feeling low about your up and coming birthday, consider this ground-breaking theory of mine. For the first few split seconds after you are born, you were the youngest person in the entire world! Now that is something to celebrate!

Hip hip hooray, here’s to another birthday! x


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