Saturday, September 30, 2023

Thurrock Nepalese: “Under Attack”

A JUDGE slammed gang warfare in Thurrock after three Nepalese teenagers pled guilty to possessing offensive weapons at a massive gang fight last month.

Judge David Cooper presiding at Grays Youth Court heard that the fight took place at 5pm on Monday September 28th at Blackshots Fields.

It appeared that the fight was a pre-arranged meeting between the “Blackshots Massive” and a group of Nepalese teenagers.

As the police arrived, dozens of youths fled, leaving a stash of weapons. Three of the Nepalese youths arrested were found with an array of weapons including two wooden sticks, a chain and padlock, snooker balls in a sock and a ten inch kukri knife (a ceremonial Gurkha knife)

Judge Cooper asked for more details of the gang problem in Thurrock. He was told that the Blackshots Massive were “a loose association of some 400 youths.”

He condemned the Blackshots Massive as a “bunch of fascists” and sympathised with the Nepalese youths (who cannot be named for legal reasons) saying “You were under attack.”

He also questioned why none of the Blackshots Massive had been arrested. He said: “God knows what happened to the white males.”

Judge Cooper took time to ask the youths about their plans for the future. They told him they were at college and hoping to go to university.

Six month supervision orders were imposed on the three youths.


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