Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Leader Lambasted over Non-Attendance

TORY LEADER Garry Hague was slammed by his Labour counterpart over his non-attendance at East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) meetings.

Cllr John Kent revealed that since becoming leader, Cllr Hague has only attended one out of the last six meetings.

The claim came after Cllr Hague made a stout defence of his position on the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation(DC) and the EERA following a question from the gallery by UKIP member, Mrs Kay Hipsey

He said: “If we are to have a say in how our borough looks over the next five, then and thirty years, then we must have a seat and therefore a say.”

Sources close to the Tory administration have expressed concerns at the amount of work Mr Hague has undertaken.

Mr Hague has recently launched Surrey-based R and D Tax Specialists Limited working with Derbyshire, Surrey and Worcestershire-based colleagues. The company recently made a series of presentations to the Essex Federation of Small Businesses.


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