Saturday, February 24, 2024

Open Mic at Connexions

WE HAVE nothing but praise for the good work being done at the Youth and Connexions in Grays High Street. YourThurrock visits there regularly and it seems to be getting busier and busier. The council’s budget proposals aim to axe £137,000 from their budget.

We understand from a recent meeting that this will be concentrated at “management level” It all seemed to be news to the staff we spoke to on friday. Looks like the new communication strategy is coming on a treat!

We do hope that the great work that Lewis Clarke and his team are doing especially in the recording studio is not ruined.

On friday, they held an open mic on the first floor when the cream of Thurrock grime, rap and mc jumped on and off. It is great to hear their bars (see getting into the language!) drifting out onto the streets below. Just like The Beatles…..a pop group in the sixties lads…no….never mind


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