Labour Slam “Wasted Millions” on Vertex

A TOP LABOUR councillor has called for an urgent inquiry into the “wasted millions” incurred by the partnership between Thurrock Council and Vertex.

Since 2005, Vertex has provided the council with a wide range of services including administration, customer services, human resources, revenues and benefits and highways engineering and transport.

A recent Freedom of Information request has revealed the costs of the partnership.

Grays Riverside Councillor, Carl Morris has slammed the waste and contrasted the “profligacy” with the £8 million worth of proposed cuts that the council have ear-marked.

Council Leader Garry Hague has robustly defended the partnership and that interview can be seen

The breakdown of the contract are as follows:

2005/06 15,746,440
2006/07 16,450,748
2007/08 16,638,242
2008/09 17,123,900

The additional revenue costs are:

2005 525,633
2006 2,502,435
2007 2,929,279
2008 3,928,715
2009 1,844,561 (April/May)

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