Sunday, October 1, 2023

MP Smith Welcomes Queen’s Speech

ANGELA SMITH, MP for Basildon and East Thurrock, has welcomed the new Crime and Security Bill announced in today’s Queen’s Speech.

Measures in the bill include new ways to tackle the anti-social behaviour that still blights some estates and neighbourhoods. The Crime and Security Bill will protect communities by making parents take responsibility for their child’s antisocial behaviour, imposing parenting orders when a young person has breached an ASBO.

Angela said: “The bill will cut the time police spend on filling in forms, help victims of domestic violence by allowing police to bar suspected perpetrators from their homes for fixed periods, and ensure airguns are kept securely to avoid senseless tragedies we have seen in the past.”

“The Bill will also introduce compulsory licensing for wheel clamping businesses, limit the fines they can impose and introduce a fair appeals system. We have had particular problems with rogue wheel clamping firms in the past, and so I look forward to voting for this tough new legislation.”

Angela added, “I hope that we will make people feel safer on the streets by extending the powers for police and local authorities to use gang injunctions to those aged 14-17 who are causing problems. I know most young people are well behaved and contribute to our communities, but we must give the authorities the power to act where they need to.”

Angela has published her own booklet on combating anti-social behaviour that outlines what laws are available to help local residents and who they should contact for assistance. This is available from her parliamentary office on 020 7219 6273.


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