Saturday, September 30, 2023

Thurrock U-16 10 v 10 Brentwood

Thurrock Under 16’s were hosts to Brentwood on Sunday 22nd November. Both teams battled well in the first half and were equally matched.

T’s have always struggled against Brentwood, normally being the under dogs, if Brentwood thought it was going to be an easy game it wasn’t long before they realised that they were up against a more structured and disciplined T’s, a side that kept their focus and the pressure on throughout the whole game.

Brentwood were first on the score board but T’s battled back with Bradley Austin touching down. The score at half time was 5-5. The second half was as exciting as the first with some excellent rugby being played by both teams. Once again Brentwood managed to break down T’ defence giving them the advantage but T’s dug deep and came straight back at Brentwood with Tom Cruddington planting the equaliser on the try line.

Brentwood found themselves in a position of defence with T’s driving the ball closer and closer to their line with only ten minutes of play left. T’s kept the pressure on and Brentwood dug deep but with only minutes of play left on the clock and a torrential down pour making visibility impossible the whistle was blown at a 10 all draw.

Both teams contributed to an excellent game of rugby but both will be asking themselves what would have happened if it had gone full time.


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