Friday, December 8, 2023

Excellent New Release from TDF

Mike Jones reviews Mosquito by Tall Dark Friend

If this young man entered the arena to be judged by Mr Cowell and co I doubt if he’d make it to boot camp. Of course he wouldn’t be allowed his keyboard and would be forced to sing a Boyzone song . Simon says your voice is quirky and goodbye. In another world Simon would have dismissed Rod Stewart and Peter Gabriel as well.

Thankfully this is real music and in the real world Tall Dark Friend can release his music to public acclaim without being bracketed .

This week sees the release of a brand new single “Mosquito”

There’s nothing I admire more than a singer, songwriter who knows his craft . I’ve observed TDF for the last couple of years now and yourthurrock has been a big fan. What I’ve noticed in that time is a growing maturity in the writing, the composition the use of harmony and chord progression from someone you’d expect to be a lot older.

This latest release typifies the previous statements . A strong build up leading to soaring melody which I was familiar with after just one play

This summer Jordan Gray played at various summer festivals and to many who’d never heard him before . He grabbed their attention. He will continue to do so.

Its difficult to categorize this music. I know ,file under bloody brilliant

See for yourself. The attached film is just a minutes worth of Mosquito


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