Thursday, September 28, 2023

DNA To Keep Burglars Away

Police in Basildon and Thurrock have re-launched a DNA property marking project following a recent rise in burglaries across the area.

The project, launched in May, has already seen residents in selected streets of Basildon and Thurrock taking advantage of the free product. Other streets that could benefit from the technology have now been identified, and PCSOs will be informing residents in person or by letter if they can get the free product.

If the scheme is being offered in your area, you will be visited by a PCSO, explaining the project and offering it to you there and then free of charge. Basildon and Thurrock Supt Ivor Harvey is keen for people to take advantage of this offer, which is funded by police and the Home Office.

Supt Harvey said: “This product is a proven way to reduce burglaries. Residents do live in a safe place here, but burglary can have such a devastating effect on the whole family. One burglary is one too many for us, so we are doing everything we can to prevent it.”

The product, produced by a company called SelectaDNA, is an advanced forensic crime reduction system which links criminals to crime scenes and provides an unbreakable chain of evidence in a court of law.

The technology involves applying a liquid to valuable property such as TVs, MP3 players and bikes and is specifically DNA coded to that residential address. This means that if the items are stolen and later found they will be linked directly with the crime scene, not only allowing the property to be returned to its owner, but also increasing the chance of conviction.

The system also includes window stickers and signs that residents display to warn potential thieves that their homes are secured with Selecta DNA.

“The product is almost invisible when applied to valuable property. No burglar wants to be caught with DNA coded property, so with this system and correct signage, your property will be less attractive to potential thieves,”explains Supt Harvey.

“I would like to stress that this product is completely free to the residents being offered it, so if you have a visit from us, please take advantage of it. It only takes a small amount of time, which would be less than the time you would waste sorting out the misery a burglar causes.”


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