Thursday, May 30, 2024

No Bin Collection Set To Continue Over Christmas

Following last Friday’s (18 December) suspension of the refuse and recycling service, a further assessment of the pavements and side-road conditions early this morning (Wednesday, 23 December) has concluded the service will further be suspended.

Decisions are made on a daily basis regarding the continued suspension or resumption of the service with the safety of the public, collection staff and all road users the deciding factors.

All decisions are made with the aid of the latest forecast and weather reports.

Thurrock Council’s website ( will be updated daily. The Christmas collection dates will remain unchanged.

Thurrock Council appreciates there has been inconvenience caused to residents during this difficult period but assures all Thurrock residents of its endeavour to return to full scheduled collections as soon as possible.

There will be ongoing disruption over the Christmas period, please check the website for details.


  1. Thurrock Council are a complete joke, the streets today sine 06:30 have not been as bad as has been made out by TBC, why have the refuse collections not been taking place throughout the whole day to catch up.

    Other areas around the country have had worse than in Thurrock but have still managed to get their collections done, if the lazy council workers and their bosses actualy took heed of the weather warnings when they were given and then took action to salt the roads and the pavements then they would not be in this mess, but thinking about it the work shy lazy councillors only come out when there is a photo opportunity, about time the lot of them were replaced with local people who actual give a damn about the local area.


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