Dynamic Courses at Ormiston Park

FOLLOWING the successful launch of the Community Education Programme last year, Ormiston Park Academy have decided to run the same programme again this year.

‘Community Education Programme at Ormiston Park Academy,’ sets out to achieve an ‘Educate Together’ attitude between Child and Parent, to create an environment that fosters critical thinking, problem solving skills, self directed learning, innovation, creation, teamwork and collaboration, many of the things that experts suggest are missing in a relationship between parent and child.

‘Community Education Programme at Ormiston Park Academy,’ was founded by teaching staff at the school, who understood that parents in the community were seeking extra education with a difference for their children.

Parents have a very active role in the day-to-day education of their child and it is important they equally have the opportunity to learn, to make that extra difference to their child’s learning ability.
Parents deserve affordable access to extra education and therefore have now been given the opportunity.

A range of courses are on offer, in an ‘after school’ environment, that targets at-home parents, who perhaps, are seeking more education, and can combine their learning simultaneously with their child. The courses are for all ages and range from dance, to music, to sports, to cookery, to the more core of subjects, such as literacy and creative writing, all whilst enjoying a range of refreshments on offer, and at a cost from as little as £5 (courses are of a typical 5 week period, week commencing 12th January.)

To find out more about these courses and how you can book your place, please contact Mrs Hunnisett at Ormiston Park Academy, 01708 865180.

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