Monday, December 4, 2023

Thurrock Braced As Snow Falls

YourThurrock will try to keep you up to date with traffic problems, school closures and emergency service information as and when we receive it.

C2C are not reporting any problems.

With some schools yet to open after the christmas break, we will also get an updated list of all those closed as soon as possible.

The East of England Ambulance Service have also issued warnings to the public to use common sense and only call 999 for a true emergency.

Pedestrians and motorists should also think twice about making journeys, so as to avoid road traffic collisions, slips, and falls which could be dangerous.

David Donegan, chief operating officer for the ambulance service said: “As we know from the past few weeks, road conditions can become extremely hazardous and we are relying on the public’s good sense to use the 999 service wisely which will help us to respond to people who need our assistance for true emergencies.”

Despite criticisms of the gritting services, the gritters were much in evidence yesterday plus workers on foot were busy spreading grit on the main streets.


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