Thursday, December 7, 2023

Ormiston Goes Cashless

Ormiston Park Academy were pleased to announce today that a cashless system will be put in place, in time for their new 2012 site.

Pupils will be able to load cash at one of the cash loaders in the school, or send a cheque in at the beginning of term to cover their lunch expenses.

The decision was made today to begin the planning for the system, hoping that installing a cashless system for school meal times will speed up lunchtime service- therefore making lunchtime a more social occasion, free up administration and book-keeping time and will help to keep parents informed of what their children are eating, by sending home monthly reports, upon request.

Head-teacher at Ormiston Park Academy Tess Walker said: “More secondary schools need to have cashless systems in place.  The system prevents queuing, avoids pupils having to carry cash in school, and protects the identity of pupils on free school meals.

“Using the card will be the only way to pay for food in the school dining halls at the new 2012 Ormiston Park Academy site. New pupils coming up from primary schools to Ormiston Park Academy will have their new cards ready for them on the first day of term. ”

Ormiston Park Academy also hopes to implement this “Cashless Catering” system into other school systems such as the library, registration, security access and other youth-focused smartcard initiatives.

In America, over 80% of the school catering income is administered using an IT-based cashless system, whilst here in the UK less than 10% of the income is collected in this way.


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