Thursday, February 22, 2024

Fire Officer Off to Haiti

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s Urban Search and Rescue manager is on his way to earthquake hit Haiti to help co-ordinate the EU rescue efforts.

Assistant Divisional Officer Terry Webb, USAR Station Commander, will work as a specialist co- ordinator as part of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Before he left, ADO Webb said: “I will be in Haiti as a specialist co-ordinator as part of the EU team.

“We are mostly there to support the local people and government in Haiti and make sure that the
teams get to the areas where they are needed most.

“I will be co-ordinating the EU efforts throughout the island making sure that help gets to just where its
needed when it is needed.”

He will meet with the rest of the team in Brussels and go from there to Haiti.

Deputy Chief Officer Gordon Hunter, Service Delivery, said: “We are happy that the expertise we
have here in Essex can be used to help people who find themselves in terrible difficulty, no matter
where in the world they are.


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