Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Mushley: Fly Away

IT has been a bit quite on the rap/r n b front of late, so it is good to see that Mushley is still pushing the tunes out.

This track sounds a bit different. Indeed there is a hint of Kraftwerk in the electro rhythm track in the beat as it motors along.

Mushley said: “There is no real influence to the tune or of it being part of the garage genre part from me wanting to try something new and make something people could dance as well as sing along to.”

Tell us what you think.


  1. I’ve always liked Mushley, from the first time I interviewed him, he has since become quite a friend and I even created his album cover and the artwork you see there in that video, this song goes down great on my radio station and I recommend that everyone supports him however they can, it’s hard for new artists to get recognised and Mushley really deserves the recognition. 🙂


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