Thurrock U-16 27 v 3 Chelmsford U-16

Thurrock under 16’s were hosts to Chelmsford. T’s needed to win the game to secure their place in the top 2 of the the 1st division. T’s started strong with Grant Scott making the most of a penalty, kicking T’s onto the score board. This was quickly matched by an outstanding run by T’s Joe Grace who off loaded the ball just yards from the line into the hands of Andrew Nimmo who touched down. Grant Scott made the conversion increasing T’s lead.

T’s forwards were strong in the scrums,making Chelmsford work for the ball, they kept the pressure on and kept the ball moving with another outstanding run and fast passing. Nathan Hickey increased Thurrock’s lead.

At half time the score stood at 15-0. Chelmsford didn’t give up and came out strong putting points on the score board by taking a penalty kick, T’s didn’t take this lying down and they quickly returned the points by a first class try from Andrew Nimmo who side stepped his way through Chelmsford’s line of defence, Grant Scott making his second conversion of the day. Chelmsford kept driving the ball forward but couldn’t get through Thurocks strong line. Mark Sullivan scored the last try of the day for T’s, with another outstanding run, the score at the final whistle T’s 27 – Chelmsford 3.

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