Saturday, May 18, 2024

Fly-Tipping: The Shame of Thurrock

THIS IS not a film where we are pinning the blame on anyone but how can a road (Coopershaw Road) that runs between Tilbury and West Tilbury end up in such a state?

We could have filmed on and on and on. Clearly someone or some organisation, knows that you can tip out there with impunity.

The point is that this road is on ramblers, cyclists and walkers maps as the access down to the Tilbury ferry and across to Kent, so over the period of a year, hundreds if not thousands of people from around the world use this road. This is their one and only view of Thurrock.


  1. Maybe it’s something to do with the rubbish police. last time I went to the civic amenity site (or dump as it’s known). I was questioned as to what was in the bin bags I was throwing.
    so It could be the worry that they’ve put a plastic milk carton in with a rubbish that scares them off.


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