Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Dispersal Order Success in Ockendon

IT HAS become quite a controversial subject among the young people of South Ockendon. Some say, a controversial subject amongst those intent on acting in an anti-social way others saw it as a sure fire way to alienate young people from authority

YourThurrock spoke to Sgt Natalie Ross about the order, its effectiveness and whether it has damaged relationships with the young people of the borough.


  1. Has there been any data collected as to where these people are now congregating sine the dispersal order has been used, and also the amount of innocent victims that have been moved on.

    I agree that things need to be done with yobbish behaviour but just because a group of youths are hanging around a street does not mean that they are up to no good, there is very little for the youths of the area to do and the local council do not provide facillities for these youngsters.

    I think people have got start being a bit more reallistic about the youngsters of today and by catagorising them all into Yobs will certainly turn them against any authority

  2. I was reading how the dispersal area has been a success, well I can
    > dispute that.
    > Police are driving by as groups congregate at the Tesco on Derry
    > Ave, abusing passers by and the Tesco Security guys, making a
    > general nuisance of themselves by laying bikes across the footways,
    > or running about in mock fights, sometimes the group has
    > motorcycles, which drive up onto the footway and crowds gather.
    > For the past two years residents in Deveron Gardens have taken the
    > brunt of these young anti-socialites. Windows smashed, cars damaged,
    > thats only recently.
    > Regularly they get window bashing and the youths run off, some
    > jumping through privet hedges to hide, many of these people are in
    > their 80’s.
    > In the Derwent Parde area I have witnessed the same youngsters
    > abusing shop staff and getting in the way of customers going in and
    > out of the Savemore.
    > The Indian Restaurant Raj (the toilet), has recently suffered the
    > same, with abuse and door opening by the same group of youths and has recently been tagged by kids spraying graffitti on their walls.
    The recycle bins were a real nuisance when they were car-park,with youths all over them scattering the recycle material across the car park, since
    > they have moved to side of the Raj, the youths seem to congregate on wall there as well.
    > The council anti social team (Chris, I think is his name) has been
    > moving groups on regularly through the day and evening on their walk
    > abouts.
    > Window banging still goes on, now the car park area has another container
    > placed behind W Taylor Insurance, the other night a brick was thrown
    > and hit the bungalows scaring the residents, the CPSO’s came on that
    > occasion, then today the youths (14-15) were up on the container,
    > abusing the 80 + year old living there and throwing bottles into the garden.
    > He phoned the police who were at first less than helpful stating no one is
    > injured and no damage done, the gent advised this was a regular
    > occurance, later an officer came by, but is yet to advise the outcome.
    > The car park lights have been smashed one by one over a period and
    > now there are none, the other week, after a window bashing run
    > through Deveron gardens, they ran into the car park and over the wall into the garden of an elderly lady who reported it to the police, who arrived soon after and collected some names of these youths, the 13 – 15 year olds were passed onto TBC who sent out letters to the parents.
    > The residents of this area are fed up with the continuing incidents and believe a much stricter regime should be enforced with the youths given punishments, a ticking off or name taking does no good.

    The youths are at times disrespectful to the police, so what chance does the general public, it may seem like its kids being kids, but criminal damage has occurred, who says that on one these nights the bit of fun turns sour, this area is home to many ofg South Ockendons oldest residents, will we have endure a fatality before someone reacts.
    > Mike most these incidents have all been reported and either police or TBC
    > staff have attended, residents have CPSO phone numbers for direct
    > contact and the anti social team numbers at South Ockendon police
    > station and The TBC anti social team.
    > The other night a visit from the TBC team advised they had just
    > moved on a large number of youths from Aire Drive and were about to do a walk through Derry Ave.

    These incidents are always at a similar time of the evening.


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