Lib-Dems in Grays High Street

SOME of the candidates for the General Election looked tired before they have even got to the starting line! What we all need to understand is that candidates such as Lib-Dem’s Cary Davis have had several marathons to run: Getting elected in the first place; Getting your name and face out there; Supporting other campaigns and many other challenges.

In many ways, Gordon Brown goes to the Queen on tuesday and the election begins in earnest. From that moment on,, the candidates realise it is a thirty day dash to the polling day.

Carys was out in the heart of Grays market campaigning for better conditions for the armed services. YourThurrock asked her about the campaign, what she would gauge as success come May 6th, Vince Cable’s performance in the “Ask The Chancellor” debate and had she seen the other candidates out and about.

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