Thursday, December 7, 2023

Lib-Dem Support For NSPCC Campaign

Carys Davis, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, has pledged to support the NSPCC’s ‘I Stand For Children’ campaign which aims to make child protection a priority for the next Parliament.

Carys said:
“I’ve received emails from many people in Thurrock drawing my attention to this very important campaign.

“If elected I promise that I will make protecting children a political priority. The internet has created many new risks to the safety of children. Social networking sites like Facebook should have quick-report buttons children can use if they feel scared or unsure.

“When the next government is making spending cuts, I will speak out on behalf of children at risk. Funding cuts to essential services like Childline should not be allowed and we need more investment in therapy for children who’ve experienced neglect or abuse.

The NSPCC’s campaign is calling on candidates to commit to a range of child protection measures including:

Making the internet safer for children

Continued funding of helpline services for children and for adults concerned about the safety or welfare of a child

Tackling domestic violence from a child’s point of view

Ensuring that vital child protection reforms are fully implemented and resourced, following the death of Baby Peter and other child deaths since

Provision of resources for vital therapeutic services for children who have experienced abuse

Strengthening the role of the children’s commissioner in England to act as a genuinely independent voice for children.

Diana Sutton, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigns at the NSPCC, said:

“We need to make sure that the next elected Government keeps child protection high on its list of priorities.

“By signing up to our campaign, candidates in this next general election can help.

“The public can play their role by letting the politicians know what they want done.”


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