Friday, December 8, 2023

Kerry’s Merry About UKIP’s Chances

UKIP candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Kerry Smith is a very busy man. He is not only standing for parliament but also for council in Barking and Dagenham. That’s not all: he is organising many of the candidates across the south including working nearly every day with famous boxing promoter Frank Moloney who is standing for the UKIP in Barking.

So if there is anyone who can gauge how UKIP are doing it is Kerry. It is interesting that Kerry feels that voters feel angry at the moment but he feels that UKIP can channel their anger into votes. He also feels that people are a lot more rational and determined to consider where they will place their cross.

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  1. Sad but true fact.

    6,277 people work on the Olympic site. Only 828 are British.

    So much for British jobs for British workers.

  2. I hear on the grapevine Kerry Smith has a rather large obsession with pornographic material, after it was discovered he had hundreds of files on his computer! heard from a source in barking who knows Kerry very well!!!
    maybe just a rumour though?!?

  3. UKIP!!! what a joke! they’ve been in the European Parliament for over a decade, lets not forget that!!!
    Snouts in the trough!!!
    people can see through your lies Kerry!!! your just tories on steroids!!!

  4. Jay I forgot to ask a question.

    Why is it when Mark Onions nazi salute photos were exposed by Nothing British about the BNP people the BNP sacked him.

    Yet you post nazi saluting pictures on Facebook but remain a BNP candidate in Tilbury?

  5. I wasnt going to dignify this with an answer but changed my mind!
    the incident you refer to was on St Georges day last year, and the picture in question shows me wearing a flag of St George as a kind of cape. now unless your insinuating Clarke Kent was a Nazi then i suggest you get your facts straight.
    the picture was not of me giving nazi salute it was a superman impression suggesting we should have flown instead of catching the train which was late incidentally!
    you can read the caption under the picture which states, “red bull, gives you wings”!
    so dont insult me with your petty desperate attempt of a slur.


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