Monday, April 22, 2024

Legal Secretary Dreams “In Tatters”

A STUDENT who dreamed of becoming a legal secretary put it all in jeopardy after she was convicted of her third theft in over a year.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, stole two shirts valued at £145 from House of Frasers at Lakeside on the 28th April this year.

She pled guilty. In mitigation, she said: “I had the money. I was stupid.”

The girl informed the court that she was going to college with the hopes of being a legal secretary.

Chair of Magistrates, Margaret Caisley told her: “With three convictions for theft in over a year, you are putting your career aspirations at risk.”

She was fined £70 and received a Referral Order for six months.


  1. Whilst not condoning theft, how the heck can two shirts cost £145? With prices like that I’m not surprised that young people feel the need to nick these vastly overpriced objects of desire. When I was a kid, £145 would buy your clothes for a fair number of years and a wardrobe to put them in. World has gone mad.


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