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Ockendon Park Patrols Cut Anti-Social Behaviour In Half

AN OPERATION over the summer, which saw police patrol parks in South Ockendon, has been hailed a success by Essex Police.

Police patrolled Dilkes Park, Aveley Rec, Bonnygate Park and Ockendon Rec over the summer to stop a minority of people using the parks being anti-social.

Officers from the local neighbourhood policing team joined forces with Thurrock Council community protection officers and park wardens to patrol key parks in the area, as part of operation parks police.

During the period the operation ran in August, there were seven reports of anti-social behaviour in the four parks, compared to 15 in the same period last year, showing a 53.3 per cent reduction.

The operation proved to be most effective in Dilkes Park, where police only received two reports of anti-social behaviour, compared to seven for the previous year, showing a 71.4 per cent reduction.

Insp Richard Baxter, who heads the South Ockendon neighbourhood policing teams, said: “I am really pleased that we managed to stop a significant amount of anti-social behaviour during the operation.

“South Ockendon has many parks for the enjoyment of the community, and we were receiving reports of a minority of others spoiling it for the rest. We managed to send out a stern message to offenders not to bother visiting parks to be a nuisance, and we will continue to patrol the areas as part of our regular patrols.”

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  1. Great news that these figures have been produced for just August, the reporting of anti social issus has been going on at Ockendon Rec since early May.

    TBC and the police have been advised of all ongoing issues, which have been reported to the crime desk and incident numbers numbers given, as well as the most recent issues being crimed by a Sergeant.

    At the start of the recent patrols, locals were at the location at times given and no patrols took place, however a little community initiative was put in place and the anti social brigade have since been detered for remaining active, thus giving way to reduced reported incidents in August.

    I would like to know exactly what the figures were for May to August when we were all having most of our problems.


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