Friday, March 24, 2023

Garry Bushell: Anarchy, Phone-Hacking And The Bomber In The Garage!

IN JUST five minutes, we discussed phone-hacking, working at The Sun, punk-anarchist band Crass and having his house in South Ockendon raided as Motorhead acccused him of stealing their on-stage bomber!

No wonder Garry Bushell has just completed his autobiography. It is anecdote after anecdote from a man who began writing for Sounds in the 1970’s and rose to become Assistant Editor of The Daily Star.

Garry has been much misunderstood over the years. He appreciated that “skinhead” music was borne from a love of ska and reggae and that you can be proud of your country without being a bigot.

We didn’t realise he was a resident of South Ockendon in the eighties. Garry reveals why the local police came knocking with a warrant one sunday morning. When Motorhead complain to the police about you, you know you have made it.

For more information about Garry’s autobiography go to


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