Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Let’s Talk campaign “A great success”

THURROCK Council’s “Let’s Talk” campaign has been hailed a great success after more than 5,000 local residents involved themselves in the budget process consultation.

Council Leader John Kent announced to the cabinet last night that over 167 suggestions for efficiency savings were made over the two month period.

The process has been so successful that other councils such as Brentwood are looking into using the software for the same purposes.

Council officers explained that the system had mechanisms in place to identify “repeat suggestions” including 1,000 votes made from same computer.

The council will now go on to blend some of the proposals into the budget savings that will be required over the next year and beyond.


  1. The Lets talk campaign will only be a success if the suggestions actually work; however, you have to ask yourself why should the public be doing the councils work for them, surely the reason we vote for local councillors is for them to put things into practice not for them to expect Joe Public to do their jobs.

    Mind you I suppose we never actually voted for this administration as it was forced upon us, and as has been seen in the past the majority of the portfolio holders can’t ven do their own jobs properly

  2. It doesnt work they never listened to the trucker on the titan lorry park debarcle decided to close down the site, well now its just down to chaos when it does go and it means the people in the surrounding area will just have to suffer endless ques of traffic cause we will be parked everywhere no doubt.


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