Friday, March 24, 2023

Lightnin’ Group push for success

Promotion,promotion, promotion and then when you’ve done that go and do some more. Rainham-based Drama Group Lightnin’ work hard.

Under the artistic direction of Sue Ospreay, this energetic group make sure that every detail of every production is in place to ensure that the shows are quality and they get an audience.

Similar societies would love to have a member like Sue on board. Not only does she direct, write, produce, nurture and constantly encourage: she and her team promote their productions with vigour. They have to.

Their current production of Jack and The Beanstalk which opens at the Queens next week is expensive. The show boast a 14ft high animatronic giant and beanstalk which has cost the company four figures to hire . A large cast means lots of costumes as well and Lightnin’ can boast teamwork. On the night we went to film, the rehearsal centre was busy with activity everywhere as final alterations were made.

Lightnin’ do set a very high standard and Thurrock audiences were treated to two very strong festival entries in the last two years including “Voices” and the fabulous “The Diary” which was written by and Directed by Sue.

Their hard work has paid off as seats are almost sold out for Jack so fight to get a ticket .

Jack and the Beanstalk is at the Queens Theatre Hornchurch and runs from Thurs 21st Oct to Sat 23rd Box Office is 07870911029


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