Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Call for more units for small businesses in Thurrock

Essex FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) has called for more small business units to be made available in Thurrock after all but one of the offices at the new Thurrock Centre for Business in George Street has been let in less than eight weeks.

Essex FSB spokesman for Thurrock, Ross Bannister, said: “Essex FSB has long argued that there is demand for small office units in Thurrock and the fact that six of the seven offices in the Thurrock Centre for Business have been let so quickly proves that we were right in our claim.

“The key to the success of such units is low rents, low business rates and easy in, easy out terms which is exactly the formula used by NWES for their facility in Thurrock.

“We have a lot of entrepreneurs in Thurrock, people who need small units from where they can run their business without it impinging on their family life and taking a room at home.

“NWES seem to have the formula right with a good location, pleasant modern offices with telephone line, broadband, meeting rooms and reception area available within the all inclusive rent.

“We hope that the success of the Thurrock Centre for Business will encourage the establishment of more similar centres in the borough.”


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