Thurrock Students: Get on yer bike!

THE DAYS of Thurrock students getting the bus to school appear to be over as the council have pulled the plug on the annual bill of nearly £400,000 spent ferrying teenagers back and fro from college.

The free transport applied to all Thurrock sixteen year olds who lived over three miles away from their place of study.

But at last nights meeting of the childrens services committee, it was proposed to a no fares policy was unfair on the taxpayer.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Thurrock has the second highest transport bill for over-sixteens. Only the Isle of Wight has a larger bill.

Most councillors noted that Palmer’s College was a virtual no-go zone at 4pm due to the high volume of buses.

Portfolio holder, cllr Diana Hale said: “This will mean a £240 bill for students and parents in the borough. On top of losing the educational maintenance allowance, this is a real double whammy for Thurrock students.”

Shadow portfolio holder, cllr Sue MacPherson said: “There are students that travel to Dartford and Leigh-on-Sea for certain courses. We need to ensure there are courses that mean they have no need to travel.”

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