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Darnley Road Murder Trial: “Teenage prostitute” stabbed client twenty times

A “TEENAGE PROSTITUTE” slit the throat of her client and then stabbed him over 20 times before trying to pin the murder on someone else, a jury at Chelmsford High Court heard today (Wednesday).

Priscilla Scamp, 18, Centurion Way, Purfleet, is accused of murdering Daniel “Dave” Thomas, 59, at 38a Darnley Road, Grays near to 13th April last year.

Prosecuting counsel David Holbourn spent the first morning of the trial outlining what he described as “a web of deceit from start to finish” where Scamp’s version of events changed a number of times.

Whilst Scamp sobbed in the box throughout the morning, nervously clinging to her crucifix, the seven men and five women of the jury heard that teenage Scamp had met Thomas while they were both residents at the Charles Street Hostel for the homeless in Grays.

Mr Thomas moved into the Darnley Road flat in October 2009, where, the court heard, Scamp was a frequent visitor. Witnesses stated that they understood that Thomas paid Scamp £30 a time for sex.

Thomas was last seen on CCTV at a nearby bank on Grays High Street on the 12th April.

Over the next few weeks, a downstairs neighbour, initially concerned at the lack of activity in the flat and then by a strong stench, contacted the police.

Police and council officials entered the flat and found Mr Thomas’ badly decomposed body in the hall. A forensic examination confirmed his throat was slit and he had been stabbed over twenty times with such ferocity that the knife had snapped off.

The court heard that Scamp appeared in Grays the next day in blood splattered clothing. She then moved to Kent but friends became suspicious of her “story”. She was arrested in Kent.

Police intercepted a phone call from Scamp where she asked a friend to dispose of a bag of bloodied clothes and letters.

The court heard that since then, Scamp has made a number of statements where her version of events has changed several times: She initially stated that she discovered the body but panicked; she then implicated a friend. Scamp finally admitting that she did stab Thomas but this was in self defence as he was attempting to rape her.

Scamp denies the charges.

The case continues


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