Letters found underneath murder accused’s bed describe attack

LETTERS detailing a violent confrontation were found underneath the bed in Maidstone, where the teen accused of murdering Daniel “Dave Thomas was “being harboured”, court heard today (Tuesday).

The letters were read out to the jury at Chelmsford Crown Court on the fifth day of the trial of Priscilla Scamp, 18, Centurion Way, Purfleet, who is accused of murdering Daniel Thomas, 59, in a flat at 38a Darnley Road, Grays at or near to April 13th, last year.

The evidence came as the “aunt’ of Scamp, Lorraine Chapman told the court of the weeks that Scamp stayed at her house in Kent.

Mrs Chapman told the jury that she received a phone call from Scamp’s mother, Esther Scamp on Tuesday April 13th, last year.

Mrs Chapman said: “I was told that the police were after Prissy as she had hurt somebody and she was pregnant with twins

“I met her at Maidstone railway station and she stayed with me for over a month.”

Prosecuting counsel David Holborn asked Mrs Chapman why Scamp’s pregnancy was so important to her.

She said: “I can’t have children but I was going to be able to look after the twin boys.”

Mrs Chapman was asked if she spoke to Scamp about what happened in Grays.

She said: “One day, she broke down and cried. She said she had done something terrible and needed to get it sorted for the children.

“She told me she had been raped by a man she was staying with.

“She had met him at a homeless hostel. She told me he had tried to rape her so she stabbed him

When asked if Scamp had spoken of the result of the stabbing.

Mrs Chapman said: “She wasn’t sure.”

The court heard that Mrs Chapman threw Scamp out of the house when she found out she was no longer pregnant.

She said: “She came and asked for a tampon as she was having her period.

A tearful Mrs Chapman said: ‘I said to her, “Why the f*** do you need a tampon if you are pregnant?” She told me she lost the babies.

Mrs Chapman went on to describe unearthing letters from under the bed that Scamp was sleeping in.

The content of the letters were read out in court (as they were written).

The first letter included references to “a girl who met an old bloke…he was going to die anyway….they shared a flat for two weeks….she was going to pay him when she got money..he was not happy….he wanted sex but not in the normal way…she screamed..too late..killed him…I am so sorry Dave.”

Scamp denies the charges.

The case continues.

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