Introducing Dan the Magic Man!

By Lucy Chipperfield

Whilst reporting at the Park Inn’s Wedding Fayre last weekend, we couldn’t help but notice the amazingly magical talents of up and coming magician, Dan Farrant.

Throughout the day Dan spent hours entertaining the guests turning packs of cards into glass, disappearing rabbits, reappearing cards, as well as performing all sorts of other mind boggling tricks.

Whilst Dan was adamant he never attended Hogwarts, we are pretty certain he did. Dan’s magical talent was out of this world and we are sure his powers would boggle the likes of Lord Voldemort given the chance.

Aside from Hogwarts and the unnecessary (yet unavoidable) magic puns, Dan Farrant is a brilliant magician and we truly recommend him for any up and coming events you may be organising. Dan’s close up magic is astonishing and it would certainly add that magical spark into any event. And if you don’t believe us, then watch the clip!

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