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A Plea For A Veterans Charter

A COUNCILLOR who is also an army veteran backed calls for a Veterans Charter to help all those from the borough who had served for their country.

In his last appearance at a meeting of Thurrock Council, cllr Neil Rockcliffe made reference to when he left the services, fifteen years ago.

He said: “One minute you are a soldier and the next minute you are back on civvy street. It is very very difficult.

The motion was presented by deputy leader, Val Morris-Cook, who has called for a cross party group plus organisations such as the East Anglian Regiment, Burma Star and the British Legion to join.

Cllr Morris-Cook said: “A good start would be to include veterans in the housing strategy that is currently underway.”

Conservative councillor Danny Nicklen also supported the motion.

He said: “I am considering a career in the army myself. At university, our college is close to the barracks and so we have good links with the soldiers.

“The charter is a vital commitment by the council to the brave veterans of Thurrock.


  1. These young lads go off to war and come back men- what they see we can only wonder but i am sure it is far worse than we can even imagine.

    This is a commendable step and i think i speak for all residents in Thurrock when i say we must act to support these young lads and in some cases girls when they return from war to civvy street.

    They put their lives on the line for us – lets make sure that we pay them back and not let the system or money get in the way.

  2. Hello, colleagues of mine who served in the Falklands and Northern Ireland would like to see a Veteran’s Day at the end of October. Actually a Bank Holiday
    Date – Last Friday in October. It is a revealing fact that the only year in the last century someone in the British Army was not killed was 1968. Our Armed Forces have been forgotten prior to the last decade and I hope that Thurrock could take a cross Party Lead to create a Veteran’s Charter and maybe support the idea of a Veteran’s Day in October.

  3. As an ex-soldier with over 20 years service I have experienced what it is like to be cast aside and go from being a soldier one day and a civilian the next.
    I was in the public gallery when Cllrs Val Morris-Cook, Danny Nicklin and Niell Rockcliffe spoke on the motion of a “Veterans Charter”. It is not often that I am inspired to applaud councillors, especially Morris-Cooke, but I was, along with others, moved to stand and applaud her for her speech and her apparrent passion for a “Veterans Charter”. However, at risk of appearing cynical, I have some reservation about her sincerity and motive for raising this issue at this particular time. Is it just a coincidence that she is standing for re-election and is using this very emotive issue, about which very few people would disagree, along with the issue of Gray’s Beach as a means of increasing her popularity and enhancing her reputation in the hope that it will secure her a victory in the May election to say nothing of the speculation that she has ambitions to be the Labour Party’s candidate for MP [member of parliament]? I hope my reservation is unwarranted but I have my doubts when I recall, over a year ago, I raised the question of the safety and welfare of our service personnel as a subject for debate at a Labour Party meeting only to have my request dismissed as inappropriate, indeed there were some members who were of the opinion that those who joined the armed services did so in the full knowledge that their lives were at risk and that they could be killed or seriously injured and they nor their familes should complain. I will judge the sincerity and the commitment of Cllr Morris-Cooke and her fellow Councillors to the cause of a “Veterans Charter” not by their words but by their deeds.

  4. Peter Perrin.

    Stop it now – this is not about Labour – Tory – Independent or any other party bashing time.

    Support our troops.


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