Donkey saved from Corringham ditch

Firefighters were called to a donkey trapped in a ditch in Southend Road, Corringham last night (Friday).

Assistant Divisional Officer Eddie Brennan said:

“The trapped 30 year old donkey named Heidi had been on the loose all day after escaping from a Donkey Sanctuary this morning, she had fallen into the ditch and got stuck in the mud.

“We are not sure how long Heidi had been in the ditch, when the Corringham Crews arrived on the scene the animal was in distress, crews supported her head from the muddy water whilst waiting for the animal rescue unit and vet to arrive. Fire crews from the animal rescue unit used the hiab to lift the animal to safety.

“Once Heidi was safely rescued staff from the Donkey Sanctuary came to collect her. She will be taken back to the sanctuary where she will be reunited with three other donkeys that had also escaped with her this morning, they had already been found and rounded up.”

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