Friday, February 3, 2023

Ed Balls visits Thurrock to give major boost to “Key Battleground”

IT IS a clear example of how much energy Labour are putting into the campaign in Thurrock that the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls MP came to rally the troops in Tilbury yesterday (Thursday).

Mr Balls met with leader of the council, John Kent and Labour activists in a major show of strength in what is a key battleground in the country.

YT spoke to Mr Balls on a number of issues including the economy, crime and justice and the lessons Labour had learned in the last twelve months.


  1. Obviously the labour party are running scared within Thurrock if they are wheeling out their big guns, mind you if there were no pending elections would these politicians even bother with Thurrock

  2. I think its great to see some big names actually make some effert to visit Thurrock. Perhaps we will see more?


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