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Sunday Comment……Be prepared…..to stand idly by?

A Civic Duty

It was interesting to read the leader comment in the Thurrock Enquirer. The editor got involved in a road rage incident in Stanford-le-Hope where he as a pedestrian pointed out the perceived waywardness of a driver. As the driver got out and shook him warmly by the throat, it appears that a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) was standing nearby.

The Editor informs us that he asked the CEO why he didn’t help in any way. He is alleged to have told him that he didn’t want to get involved.

The incident has echoes of the death of John Sparkes due to a heart attack outside the doctors surgery on Orsett Road, Grays in 2007. As ambulances blocked the road, a traffic warden controlled the traffic but was contacted by her boss at Thurrock Council and was advised that she was “Neither insured nor trained to control traffic.”

On Friday, staff at the Thameside Theatre saw a man assaulting a woman just outside the theatre. Staff didn’t check out their contracts to see if “Alerting police to incidents of domestic abuse” was in their contracts. They simply contacted the police, “apprised them of the circumstances” and took it from there.

To be fair to the CEO. He may well be simply obeying orders. The trouble is: They were described in the copy as PCSO’s and for all intents and purposes, people see a uniform and then report “They stood around and did nothing.”

Of course, Mr Speight could have met the 2011 version of Kenneth Noye and where would we be then but someone needs to tell people that we do expect people in uniform, whether in your contract or not…….to do something.

Like Mushrooms After The Rain…….

It is great to see 72 candidates standing in the local election on May 5th. It is what 1832 was all about. It is clear that Labour are pouring a lot of resources into the campaign. The visit of Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls being an example. They have been targeting their key wards incessantly with a big push in Ockendon on Saturday and Stanford West on Sunday.

The Tories, we assume, may be timing their campaign to come up on the rails. That is what Jackie Doyle Price did last year. At the moment, it just looks a bit quiet out there but there are 25 days to go. Maybe the fact that Labour are telling residents that Grays Beach Park has been sold may get them going?

Be Prepared

One of the great annual features in the arts calendar is the Gang Show at the Thameside. As the gang were on stage on Wednesday, the fire alarm went. The scouts and guides didn’t panic but calmly filed out of the building.

Guests including local MP, Stephen Metcalfe were left most impressed by the Thameside’s evacuation procedures and the professionalism of the performers.

He will have noticed the Thameside Museum as he filed out. Just to let you know, that is where the Gang Show dig up their jokes from….


  1. Are we actually suprised by the CEO’s actions, they are about as useful in that situation as the majority of the PCSO’s, they are either not contracted to get involved or don’t have the balls to actually do anything when they see a wrong-doing unless it is an easy target.
    On many occasiosn I have witnesses a blind eye being turned by PCSO’s and indeed Police Officers to people drinking within Grays Park and the Town Centre, now surely as this is now an offence they should be taking action agains this type of behaviour, but obvioulsy they have more pressing things to do…


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