Howard Tenens Planning Inspectorate

THE CONTROVERSIAL appeal against a number of planning enforcements imposed by Thurrock Council against Howard Tenens in Stifford Road, Aveley opened at the Civic Offices in Thurrock yesterday.

The enforcement is in relation to pallets, fencing and hardstanding on the property

Before the appeal started a nine hundred strong petition from residents was handed into the appeal by local resident Deirdre Lodge.

Mrs Lodge and fellow resident Peter Perrin were the first to speak at the appeal and both made reference to over 1,000 lorry movement per day that occurred on Stifford Road.

Representing both the council and the Development Corporaton, Ms Saira Kabir Sheikh asked Mrs Lodge whether a reduction in the lorry movements from Howard Tenens would be welcome. She agreed it would.

The council’s angle appeared to be focussing on the alleged transgressions in hand and that Howard Tenens had failed to prove “very special circumstances” in relation to building on the green belt.

Representatives from haulage and freight organisations appeared and bore witness to the “nimby attitude” of the Thurrock Council HGV committee as well as the concerns that should Howard Tenens fail then jobs may go to Kent.

Ms Sheikh pointed out that the allocation or plans for jobs did not appear on the radar of the core strategy for Thurrock employment that had been recently been inspected by the government.

Counsel for Howard Tenens, Chritiaan Zwart took a number of differing angles on the opening day.

He slammed the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (DC). He said: “This organisation will cease to exist in April next year and yet, with regards to this application appears to be getting in the way of regeneration.

Mr Zwaart made further reference to the historic issues relating to the green belt in and around the area as well as ecological circumstances detailed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Before the meeting, we spoke to Dan Morris from Howard Tenens about what their hopes were from the four day appeal.

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