Monday, February 6, 2023

Ofsted praise delights school

OFSTED inspectors have praised The Grays School Media Arts College for its “sustained improvement” over the last year and a half.

The Government inspectors concluded that the school is making “Good” progress towards attaining its targets.

Headteacher Lynn Ibeji welcomed the report, saying that it passed another milestone on the way to achieving “Outstanding” status.
‘What they had to say was very positive’ she said. ‘It is not a full report, but I’m delighted that our students told them they “now enjoy learning much more” and demonstrated this by “their good behaviour in lessons and their strong motivation to succeed.”

‘The “Good” judgment is an acknowledgement of the staff and students’ hard work to improve and clearly reflects the progress that is being made here. The Ofsted inspectors recognised the high-quality teaching that motivates and engages our young people, allowing them to “gain in confidence and to take a great pride in learning.”

‘Obviously, what we’re looking for now is to continue improving our results. We won’t let up until we have exceeded the national average and gained the accolade of “Outstanding”.’


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