Sunday, June 23, 2024

Car Boot Tetris: Game on since T Fest

IT IS always good to keep in touch with many of the bands since T Fest.

Dean Francis from Car Boot Tetris dropped a line at the weekend.

Dean said:

“This year we have had yet another semi-finalist song in the UK Songwriting Contest. This contest gets thousands of entrants from all over the world, so it’s quite an achievement…and not just a one off!

“That means that Car Boot Tetris (Dean Saunders – from Usk Road, Scott Francis – from Love Lane, Gary Knights and James Emberson) have now written 8 semi-finalists, 1 commended entry and 1 finalist in the UK Songwriting contest in various years!

“This year’s song “It Just So Happens” was written for my daughter, while I was stuck on the M25 for four hours last August. I was frustrated that i was sat there when i wanted to be home with my wife and then 7 week old baby, and this is what came out.

“We had an amazing time playing at T-Fest this year and we’ve been invited back for next year’s event.

“Until then we’ll be playing in local venues to promote our debut album which we’re hoping to have ready for the end of September/beginning of October.


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