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Charity comes to aid of private Stringer

A SOLDIER left a prisoner in his sixth-floor council flat after ­losing three limbs at war has been offered help getting a new home and £150,000 to adapt it to his needs reports the Daily Mirror.

Specialist charity Limbcare ­contacted Private Alex Stringer, 20, after reading of his plight.

Wheelchair-bound Alex, almost killed by a Taliban bomb in Afghanistan’s ­Helmand ­province in January, cannot get into his kitchen or his daughters’ bedroom. And when the lifts break down he can’t leave home.

He and his fiancée Danielle Taylor, 19, who have two young daughters, had been told they may face a five-year wait for a more suitable home.

But now Limbcare founder Ray Edwards MBE and the group’s director Roy Wright, who have both lost limbs, have visited Alex to offer to find and modify a home.

The charity has set aside £150,000 for its Help a Hero at Home award and wants to use it to help Alex, of Chadwell St Mary, Essex, adapt to civilian life. They have contacted Thurrock Council to help modify a new house.

Mr Edwards said: “He is a war hero and should therefore be at the very front of the housing queue. We believe we have found a house which is empty. We have offered to help Alex and also ­Thurrock Council by ­carrying out all the work so he can get around and in and out and look after himself.”

Limbcare would adapt the kitchen, ­install a wet room, stairlift and ramps, widen doorways, then decorate.

Alex, of 23 Pioneer ­Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps, who ­expects to be medically ­discharged from the Army, said: “The Army’s care has been great but I am ­grateful for this offer of help and honoured to have met the guys from Limbcare.”


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