Friday, May 24, 2024

Labour councillors fights to keep Corringham Police Station open

STANFORD EAST and Corringham Town councillor, Phil Smith has pledged to fight to keep Corringham Police Station open.

Cllr Smith said: “I was looking forward to reading (Tory leader) cllr Phil Andersons comments on this important matter, as the police station is also in his ward. I am, as no doubt, are the residents who he also portends to represent.

“Surprise then that we have seen no comments from him. At first I was just glad but then I experienced a touch of concern as to what had happened to cllr Anderson. Now under normal circumstances, I would have reported him being missing to the police but find that due to the police station being closed that this is not possible.

“The pending closure of the station to the residents of Corringham and Stanford is not something that should be taken lightly. I have also heard that the numbers of police that will be available to serve the residents of Thurrock will be cut with numbers of 100 plus being mentioned.

“Now this is even more worrying as if you have been a victim of crime you will be aware how long the police can take to respond to your cry for help.

“The Labour party will fight these cuts but they are being driven by political dogma from central Government where the administration is Tory, perhaps this is why Cllr Anderson is missing for once from the media on this matter?

“I note that as part of these cuts that Thurrock will not have any 24-hour police stations. Let us hope that the criminal don’t work this out plus even more worrying is where will the call centre be located, which we will have to call to report a crime be located.

“Some Colleagues and I will be in Corringham Town centre on Saturday morning with a petition to fight these cuts.

“Come along sign the petition and meet your Labour Party councillors.


  1. I’m sure Cllr Smith is sincere when he says he has “heard” that over 100 actual Police officers are going to be cut from Thurrock. I’d Like to know what that number is as a percentage of the total actual Police officers that are currently deployed in Thurrock. Where did Cllr Smith hear this, the supermarket while out shopping. The pub after a particularly heavy night. Off next doors cat. If he is suggesting that this is a serious figure that is being considered then he should be demanding that Essex Police come clean on their proposals as the people of Thurrock have a right to know.

  2. Once again we have a Labour Councillor bemoaning the cuts from Central Government, do all Labour politicians have some form of short term memory loss, if the last Labour Government had actualy given a damn about the plight of the countries finances whilst they were in office instead of throwing good after bad then we woudl not all be having to tighten our belts.

    As upthereds has said, just where did Cllr Smith pluck these figures from about the decrease in available police, this is in contradiction to what the Essex Chief Constable stated in his address to the Council.

    Maybe Cllr Smith suffers from the same type of miscalculations that Mr Brown suffered from


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